Analyzing longitudinal data with R

Workshop, Wizard Corporate Training Centre, Longitudinal Data Conference, 2016

Held as part of the National Centre for Longitudinal Data’s (NCLD) “Longitudinal Data Conference” in 2016.

Details: This training will provide an introduction on how to use the R program to analyse longitudinal data. R has the capability to give flexibility to users who wants to write their own statistical routines. R is a powerful free statistical software becoming commonly used in academia, industry and the public sectors.

During the training the instructor will show the functionalities of R and several interesting packages to handle data sets that perform the analysis in a longitudinal setting. The software will be displayed in a live setting by the instructors to give participants time to type the commands. The instructor will provide the complete R script at the beginning of the course.

R is a free and readily available software. The training will be held in a computer lab and you will have access to a computer. However, participants may bring their own laptops if they install R prior to the training. This short course assumes no prior knowledge of R but knowledge of statistics, at least at an intermediate level is required.

The training was presented by Dr Danilo Bolano and Joshua Bon.